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We would like to introduce our organization – Academy Guru and the services that we have been providing for the overall benefit of the students of India who really have the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at the renowned colleges and universities across the globe. It was not long ago that the students of India were not quite commonly aware of where to get higher education of appropriate kind and modern higher educational subjects are still not available at the institution of higher education in India. In such an educationally demanding circumstance in India there is a great need for effective counseling service at a national level to provide guidance and appropriately advise the Indian students, so that students who can afford to and who are aspiring for higher education abroad, can search out appropriate opportunities to study overseas…… Read More

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At Academy Guru, we have curated the top courses offered by the reputable learning universities and colleges of India. Each course is scrutinised thoroughly for aspiring students and all these courses offer a clear path to credible future academic careers.

Engineering And Technology

Business And Commerce

Bachelor of Legislative Laws

Education And Teaching

Pharmacy And Nursing

Designing And Animation

Mass Communication

Hotel Management